Progress Update

Last year was a very weird time for me, with all kinds of weird things happening, and saw me moving about the country quite a lot and not having very much time to make controllers. When I did have time (and space, and tools), health problems slowed me down quite a lot. In the end, I only managed to produce 3 controllers in 2012, and 2 more in early January 2013, which is frankly pretty awful going.

My life is still fairly chaotic right now, so I cannot promise when I will be making more, but I can promise that I will be making more and that everyone who wants one will get one eventually.

Sorry I can’t say more than that right now, I hope you will all continue to be patient.

One Button Controllers Now Available

I am very pleased to announce that a small number of One Button controllers are now available and ready for sale, with more becoming available soon.

As interest in these is likely to be quite high, all orders are being taken via a waiting list system. Please feel free to visit the product page and register your interest. You will be notified by email when you reach the top of the list.

These controllers are being made during my free time, and as such there is no guarantee how many will be produced, or on the time-scale of their availability. I will endeavour to produce them for as long as there is demand, but cannot guarantee to do so. Your patience is very much appreciated.